Upcoming Events at the Blackboard Gym: Get on Board and learn new stuff

01 Mar

At Crossfit London, we love learning and teaching New Stuff. So come on  down and add to your fitness tool box. You don’t need to train at the Crossfit London “Blackboard Gym”. You don’t even need to like Crossfit. These Sessions are open to all.

Indian Clubbell Workshop

sat 15/5/2010 level 1 2-5
sun 16/5/2010 level 2 2-5

We are delighted to announce that Mike Simpson from the Sheffield Indian club Swingers, has agreed to lead  a specialist  indian club swinging masterclass at the Crossfit London UK Blackboard Gym in Bethnal green

Indian Club usage has  all but disappeared as a fitness skill. As dedicated Physical Culturalists,  Crossfit London and the Blackboard Gym is delighted to reintroduce these skills to Londoners. Whilst we teach some basic club moves, Crossfit London trainers are always up-skilling and acknowledging experts with more skills and experience then them in specialist feilds, like club swinging.

Come and access some fantastic skills that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Will will add some extra materials to this page soon, but for an overview,  according to Mike Simpson, swinging has a natural rhythm and movement that stimulates both the mind and the body while giving you a good workout. Many martial artists have used club swinging techniques in the past as a way of exercising and improving striking, flexibility, holds and co-ordination for weapons training.

Indian club swinging also has other claimed benefits such as:

• Balanced development of the shoulders, arms and back.

• Increases flexibility and strength in the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

• Improves the range of motion in these joints.

• Improves co-ordination, timing and skill with the hands.

• Can be used to counteract some natural imbalances in the posture as a result of being right or left-handed.

• Can complement other types of training to increase strength, endurance, stamina and aerobic fitness.

• Some physiotherapists use light clubs to treat some shoulder injuries.

• Some claim that Indian club swinging can be used to improve the general health and well being of the practitioners

Check out the Sheffield Indian Club swingers here

To Book your ticket, hit the getting started Button

sat 15/5/2010 level 1 2-5
sun 16/5/2010 level 2 2-5

The Crossfit London Kettlebell Masterclass

saturday 10-04-2010

saturday 22-05-2010

This unique Kettlebell masterclass will get you on top of the current Kettlebell fitness craze. We will teach you the essential skills you need  to both  kettlebell, and the bonus ability to bore your friends at parties with your new knowledge.

For over 5 years, Crossfit London has been teaching people just like you how to use Kettlebells.

We have taught  elite athletes, the police, soldiers, leading Personal trainers and recreational fitness centre users how to Swing, Snatch, Windmill and Turkish get up with this unique bit of kit,  and, nowin a Bethnal green gym  we are going to teach you too.

The unique thing about CrossFit London is that we only allow people to teach, who CAN TEACH i.e. know their stuff and can actually communicate. Our events are always supervised and led by great presenters. . Salley Dixey is simply one of the best kettlebell teachers in London.

You can book  your place by hitting the “Getting Started” button.


Sunday 7 March 2010, 12.30pm to 4.30pm

Led by Commonwealth gold medalist Giles Greenwood, assisted by Andrew Stemler.

Unit 9, Gale’s Gardens, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EJ

Do you want to boost your Olympic weightlifting training through the roof? Fancy some accessible, do-able, high performance lifting tips but don’t have access to regular tuition or an international level trainer? If so this is the masterclass for you.

This 3 hour masterclass assumes that you have a basic snatch and clean and jerk. This would normally mean you have attended an i-Course, or a similar introductory session.

Put it this way, the session will probably warm up with some Snatch Balances: if you don’t know what they are, this will probably be too advanced, but, if you do, or you’ve had, say, three hours of tuition, with a few hours of practice, you are probably ready. If you have lingering doubts ask by, emailing Andrew.

The session is predominantly skill focused, so you will train with loads that suit you.

Women always welcome.

Check out the photos from the last masterclass on facebook

All this for just £35… wow, get two places.


Deadlifting Workshop

Sunday  2nd May  12pm – 4pm (£30)

Chet Morjaria
Chet Morjaria

Sponsored strength athlete, and deadlift record-holder Chet Morjaria teams up with CrossFit London for this speciality workshop on the deadlift. The first one sold out in mere days, so we persuaded Chet to put on a second date. Book quickly!

Learn performance enhancing tips and techniques, along with comparisons and guidance on both ‘conventional’ and ‘sumo’ style deadlifting.

This session is suitable for beginner and intermediate lifters.

Come along prepared to lift heavy stuff off the floor!

Click here to book your place.

We are delighted to announce that this event is being sponsored by Chet’s sponsor Boditronics, a leading sports nutrition company increasingly used by the country’s top athletes.

Check out www.boditronics.co.uk for more information.

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  1. before the club swinging session, due to start at 2pm, there will be a demonstration of Indian club swinging using traditional wooden
    clubs of weights up to 15kg each.

    Mike will be demonstrating and teaching British Military style light weight Indian Club swinging ( in the masterclass)
    and Krishen Jalli will demonstrate the heavy weight traditional Indian wrestlers style of club

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