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09 May

Crossfitter Gary Dickinson (April 16 2007)

“Forget the hype!

Kettlebells are not the one stop solution for speed, power and fat burning as I’ve seen claimed over the last few years.

I saw a claim recently that a seasoned power lifter added 50K to his deadlift by doing nothing but kettlebell swings for three months. I tried and was sadly disappointed. I find that my grip is worked harder doing snatches with a dumbbell and Turkish getups with a barbell.

In fact when I went back to doing these exercises after a few months with kettlebells, my wrists and forearms were sore for a few days and I’d lost 5K from my best dumbbell snatch. Any Crossfitter who has tried Grace or Isabel know the effect of high rep weightlifting so kettlebells aren’t unique here either.

What I’ve found is that kettlebells seem to work the core harder but safer than anything else I’ve tried. I’ve suffered back problems since my early 20’s and now in my mid 30’s I’ve been without pain for the last 2 years. Kettlebells lend their selves perfectly to complexes i.e. a few exercises grouped together in a giant set. I find clean and press variations more of a challenge with the Kettlebells.

Hand to hand drills are brilliant for explosive strength and hand to eye co-ordination and pretty much impossible with other forms of equipment.

Kettlebell training is great fun and can drag you out of a rut better than anything else I’ve tried. Kept in context kettlebells can be a worthy addition to any ones training equipment.”

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  1. Some really good points made. Too much emphasis has been made in the media that they are the be all and end all of training but you’re perfectly right: they are just one tool amongst many that are available, and should compliment your training not dominate it.

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