Is it time to give up on kettlebells? Hot tips from Crossfit London

09 Jun

I quite like my kettlebells, but as the hype begins I wonder if its time to pop them into the back of the wardrobe with the other expensive stuff and forget about them. Especially when the Daily Mail writes (July 10 2006):

“Enter the kettlebell, the latest Hollywood trend and an express route to turbo-charge fitness and some serious fat-burning… They now come in woman-friendly sizes (about 8kg) and everyone from J-Lo to Penelope Cruz, Kim Cattrell and Kim Basinger has been swinging, snatching and pressing with them”

This has to be bad news…

On the whole it’s very difficult to loose weight by exercising: it’s better to stop shovelling loads of crap into your mouth

Easy to say, and sometimes not so easy to do!

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