Crossfit London Women

23 Sep

Women’s fitness

Crossfit is for everyone, but especially women. Today massive strides have been made in raising the career glass ceiling and pay discriminations that women suffer, but many women are yet to liberate themselves from the nonsense that the fitness industry expects of them. For some reason, cultural expectation dictates that being a woman means you should be a weakling.

We think you need to be tough enough to haul yourself out of trouble, drag your unconscious partner out of a burning building –  and if need be –  pick up your 5 year old and run with them to hospital .

However we appreciate the specific training needs of women, hence we have created Crossfit London Women. This has been successfully tested in Wanstead during 2009.

6.30pm  Monday night will be Crossfit London women night.  The participants will be women, but with male instructors (at the moment).

There will be discounts for the employees of various local businesses, athletes who are  part of a sports club, or first responders (police/fire/paramedic/community police officers).

By design, these will  be a small classes; expect to train with 8 to 10 other women.

Email Andrew or Steven to register your interest.

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