Is Andrew Stemler a biomechanical coach yet??

17 Sep

coursesWell, if he isn’t at the moment, he will be soon, allowing Crossfit London to deliver high performance, cutting-edge techniques to improve how your body functions during movement.

This summer has been really busy for Andrew as has zoomed from studying the Chek System, training in Scotland with Mike Burgener at the Crossfit Olympic lifting certification, then in Ireland training with Tucker at the Crossfit Gymnastic Certifiction, then off to  the successful completion of Poliquin level 1

Now he’s just finishing his Biomechancal Coaching course having  had an intensive week with Martin Haines.

Physiology may muddle you…….. Biomechanics  never lie

This is why you come to Crossfit London to get a rounded, effective service that gets you into the best shape of your life.

Crossfit London staff get out there and actively (and perhaps a bit too critically) review and study what’s happening in the fitness industry and keep up to date with training developments.

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