Time Under Tension

22 Sep

Most of my personal training clients think I’ve been on a month-long jolly, during September. I certainly have not been at the Andaz training them. You can see how they might have got that impression…

I’ve been all over the country learning, as normal. I’m an education geek. If there’s a decent course, I want to go on it.

One of the interesting concepts I picked up in Ireland with Poliquin, was the concept of “time under tension” and the manipulation of intra- and inter-set rest periods.

Obviously I will discuss this in length at the new Bethnal Green Box, but for now consider the following:

  1. The sets and reps you are doing need to be monitored to a specific time under tension; from when you picked up the bar ’till the time you put it down
  2. The inter-set rest periods need to be manipulated within parameters
  3. As does the tempo with which the exercise is carried out

In a squat for example, how slow or fast you go?

Do you/should you pause at the bottom?

For the best results do you raise up from the bottom of the squat slowly or explosively?

(Note: This is not to be confused with the actual CrossFit workouts; get through those as fast as you can!)

I should say that I got to spend three* fantastic days in Dublin with some of Charles Poliquin’s leading guys, including John and Andre. In spite of the “stand off” that exists between Poliquin and Crossfit, they were very nice to me, and made sure I understood the concepts they had to share.

I’ll do my best to pass these ideas  on to Crossfit London UK trainees. We will not only be offering  original authentic Crossfit at Bethnal Green, but the unique opportunity to study it from a variety of perspectives.


*To be honest i should say 2.5 days, because on day 3 I came down will an appalling sore throat…one of those ones where you dare not swallow…ouch!

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