What to expect at CrossFit London

30 Sep

We are rapidly approaching our target opening date of 12 October, and Andrew and I are frantically trying to get everything sorted out in time.

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know a little more about what we have planned for the box*.

Training Options

On opening day, we plan to offer six (count ’em) training options.

Personal training: The ideal choice if you are getting back to training after a period of time off, or are looking for a session focused on developing your own particular skill set

Absolute Beginners Sessions. Group-based classes aimed at developing the basics of the CrossFit movements and exercises  away from the intensity that crossfit is infamous for. Competance before intensity

General classes: Group-based classes completing the full CrossFit London programming; this programme is for graduates of the iCourse, Foundations and more experienced ‘crossfitters’

Fire breathers. By the end of 2009 we expect to be able to offer fire breather classes for super humans

CrossFit London Women: A Women-only session

Speciality seminars & workshops: These will generally be weekend sessions focused around specific areas of training and nutrition; using our vast array of contacts, we plan to bring many experienced and interesting people to run sessions at the box


CrossFit London will be building its programming on all aspects of  Crossfit Methods, including Gymnastics and Strength Bias


We will be offering a range of membership options that should suit most requirements. There will definitely be a rolling monthly option. Pricing details will be coming very soon.

We are still toying with variations of the ‘carnet’ system for folks who want to combine a bit of CrossFit-style conditioning with their other sport-specific training commitments.

Online scheduling and payment

I am busy hammering our online scheduling and payment system into shape. For the technically minded, we will be using Mind Body Online. Once up and running it will allow you to:

  • Book in for your chosen class/session from the comfort of your front room/office/toilet/etc.
  • Arrange personal training or an individual consultation with your coach of choice
  • Buy/update membership options
  • Purchase CrossFit London ebooks, merchandise and equipment
  • Probably a whole lot of other stuff that I haven’t figured out how to do, yet

I am currently enjoying the experience of having long-distance phone conversations with astonishingly cheerful Californian types. Hopefully we will get over the timezone differences, and their lack of appreciation of British humour, and everything will be sorted by opening day. Hopefully…

That’s enough for now. We look forward to seeing you all very soon.

*Mainly great coaching and challenging work-outs. Occasional kittens.

5 thoughts on “What to expect at CrossFit London

  1. Outstanding – definitely agree with strength being the best basis for development of all the other crossfit (and general health) skills.
    Can’t wait to start training !

    1. strength is very important, as long as its not a hiding place for people who are strong, but dont want to be powerful, fast, skilled and have an endurance capacity.

  2. just a slight point. When steven says “frantically” trying to get everything sorted, can I point out that we had everything sort of nailed down to “stroll” to our opening date.

    In this context “frantically” means we have discovered that we cannot drop weight on the floor without smashing through it/waking even dead neighbours, so we are having to acquire, mix and poor 80 square meters of concrete to under pin the suspended floor. This in a unit where a heavy lorry cannot make it to the door, meaning that every bag of sand/cement and every bit of rubble has had to be hauled into the unit by hand (ours mainly).

    Its a great WOD though.

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