Absolute Beginners

28 Oct

There is nothing hard about crossfit! We dont assume you are a gifted athlete. We assume you are a normal nice person. Our beginners sessions, followed by our foundation classes, give you all the skills you need, at the pace you need to learn.


As an overview the moves you will learn can be grouped into

The squat ( including the air squat, the overhead squat, and the front squat)
The deadlift
(including the sumo deadlift high pull and the Romanian deadlift)
The press
(es) The overhead press, the push press, the push jerk.
The Olympic Lifts The clean and snatch

Whilst there are some 30 other skills you need to master, these are the ones that get you training.

we run several beginner sessions each week at easy to access times To attend one, hit  the get started button.


4 thoughts on “Absolute Beginners

  1. I want to join!!! BUT can’t do the wednesday, my boss will laugh at me if I say I need to leave early….then sack me.
    Can I come on sundays untill I’ve learnt the basics and then join in the evenings? pls pls pls

    Sam 🙂

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