CrossFit London Class Schedule

07 Oct

Now that we finally have our online booking system working, the live schedule of classes, personal training appointments and workshops (e.g. the iCourse) can be found by clicking the ‘Book online‘ button above.

The 'book online' button
The 'book online' button

[Updated 3/11/09]

7 thoughts on “CrossFit London Class Schedule

  1. Any idea how much the group classes will cost and is it suitable for people that have not attended the i-course?


  2. by the way, we will add to this after the 1st month ( lunch times/weekend etc) but we just wanted to start somewhere)

    obviously you cannot join or book just yet, but that should be online soon.

  3. just to let you know, Tuesday at 6.30 is a sellout, so choose other times.

    re Andys question, £50 an hour. Half hours possible,

  4. how are we booking now? are we coming there or prebook? and how? i d love to start as soon as possible in a class

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