CrossFit London Olympic Lifting Masterclass, 4 October 2009

04 Oct

A quick note out to everyone who attended this afternoon’s Olympic Lifting Masterclass to give a sincere “thanks for coming”. Giles, Andrew, Foz and I really enjoyed your energy and all round enthusiasm for the session. It’s fair to say that everyone turned up with some existing capability in both the snatch and clean-and-jerk. However, by the end of the afternoon the improvements many of you had made were striking, to say the least!


Pictures from the event will trickle out onto Andrew’s Facebook page, as well as onto this site. I’m also working on a montage video…but don’t get your hopes up; Steven Spielberg and I share a first name, only.


Thanks also for your patience with our work-in-progress box. Official opening is only a week away (eek!) and this was a great test of some of our thinking about layout (and floor reinforcement!). Apologies to everyone who will be washing plaster dust off their kit for the next week!

Also, a big CrossFit London “good luck” to the CrossFit Bath boys who are opening their own archway-based gym in Bath next week.

Finally, please feel free to leave any comments below letting us know how we did today, and if there is anything we can do to make these events even better in the future.

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2 thoughts on “CrossFit London Olympic Lifting Masterclass, 4 October 2009

  1. Hi Everyone. Well done. You worked really hard. Thanks so much for coming. Thanks to Kate and Steven for a fantastic array of photos now loaded on my facebook account

  2. Thanks so much guys… It was a great event and I learnt SO much!

    I now have a haematoma in my quad so I was definatley banging it right!! ; )

    Thanks again


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