Free CrossFit London Kettlebell Training Guide [Ebook]

13 Oct

Thanks for visiting our site, and to say thank you, we’d like to offer you a free gift*.

Just think: if this is what we give away for free, how good is the stuff we make you pay for?!**


Download Free Crossfit London UK Kettlebell Training Guide

*Yes, it’s really free. Download, print it out, share it with friends. Go wild. What? You didn’t believe us?
**Very good indeed. Come down and see!

” This Crossfit London guide should be central to your training”

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5 thoughts on “Free CrossFit London Kettlebell Training Guide [Ebook]

  1. Great guide, one question though: Is andy looking glum in the photos because hes been made to wear that scarf after loosing a bet?

    1. Astonishingly, he wears the scarf out of choice. He is actually looking glum because more people don’t wear scarves.

  2. I will show up to the next glass with a bright orange scarf, that should cheer him up!

    1. I feel a scarf themed WOD coming sometime in the future. Maybe to celebrate the construction of our rope climb perhaps?

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