Heavy lifting platforms

03 Oct

So…when we first saw the raised wooden flooring in the box, we thought:

“Cool! Suspended wooden floor. Just like a real gym!”

Then we dropped a 70kg clean and jerk (ON PURPOSE) and were a little disappointed by:

  • the fact that the floor broke a little (ok…a lot), and,
  • the fact that it sounded like someone was dropping bombs nearby

Not good.

So we decided that we would do a little ‘civil engineering’ and fill the void under the boards with a mixture of hard core and concrete. Thus we have have created two very solid heavy lifting platforms, just ready for folks to drop their weights on.

No that we encourage that sort of thing, of course…

Today will filled the second section with a few hundred kilos of hardcore and concrete. This also gave Andrew another fine opportunity to demonstrate his pristine deadlifting form.

Andrew deadlifts wet cement
Andrew deadlifts wet cement

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    1. [Achievement unlocked] First visit by an Internet Celebrity!

      Re. Power cage. No immediate plans, but we can’t rule it out. Need more rowers first…

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