CrossFit London and FK.UK present: The Deadlift [Workshop]

26 Nov

Deadlifting Workshop

Sunday, 31 January 2010, 1200 – 1500
Chet Morjaria
Chet Morjaria

Sponsored strength athlete, and deadlift record-holder Chet Morjaria teams up with CrossFit London for this speciality workshop on the deadlift.

Learn performance enhancing tips and techniques, along with comparisons and guidance on both ‘conventional’ and ‘sumo’ style deadlifting.

This session is suitable for beginner and intermediate lifters.

Come along prepared to lift heavy stuff off the floor!

Only £30

Click here to book your place.

We are delighted to announce that this event is being sponsored by Chet’s sponsor Boditronics, a leading sports nutrition company increasingly used by the country’s top athletes.

Check out for more information.

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5 thoughts on “CrossFit London and FK.UK present: The Deadlift [Workshop]

  1. This one is worth doing. I did one session with Chet, he had a look on my sumo DL, and improved it.Could lift a lot more than before, and I mean a lot.
    I do my best to be there.

  2. What deadlift records does chet hold? I’ve never heard of him on the lifting scene before?

    1. Hi Lee – Chet sent me some details on his track record.

      His best deadlift was 172.5kg at 59kg body weight. The British record is 160kg for the 60kg weight class. Unfortunately scheduling restrictions prevented him from competing at this weight class, before he himself moved up.

      He also came top in the country for the British Weightlifting Association Left Handed Barbell Deadlift (135kg at 66.8kg – over twice his own body weight in one hand!) Interestingly, this ranks him at number three in the world!

  3. January Deadlift Workshop is sold out!

    Next date announced – Sunday 2nd May, 2010 – get your place confirmed ASAP!

    You can still use the link in the post above to book your place for May.

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