Crossfit London i-Course 2011 dates

01 Nov

Crossfit London i-Course

The Crossfit London i-Course is the ideal way to begin to master those essential Crossfit skills; skills we think that everyone should have, but most so-called, fitness instructors are incapable of performing them, let alone teaching them!

On this course we will introduce you to some great basic gymnastic skills: the L sit, the handstand, the handstand push up, and the infamous muscle up, along with the Olympic Lifts, including the foundation Crossfit moves of the squat (air, overhead, and front) the presses (strict, push, and push jerk) and the deadlift and sumo deadlift high pull.

We sprinkle pull up/press up and dip progressions and show you some, frankly, nasty core exercises.

This is a day of learning,  not “beasting” , taught by  four of the UK’s leading Crossfit trainers: Andrew Stemler and Steven Shrago from Crossfit London Uks famous Blakboard Gym, Colin Menniss from TSG4 ( the Metropolitan Police Territorial  Support unit), and a host of others

Apart from the skills you learn, these events turn out to be really “nice” days. You get lots of pointers, and lots of help.

Held at the Crossfit London HQ at Arch 9 Gales Gardens, E2 0EJ. The Gym is just 45 seconds from Bethnal Green Tube, and easily accessible from Central London.

The dates  are in the side bar to the right of this post, along with our other courses

The course runs from 09:30 till 16:30 and is the only one of its kind aimed at “normal” people. The cost is £100 for the day with a 15% discount for service people (armed forces and emergency services) and you get a free copy of the Elite Fitness guide, the only exercise “E-book” tough enough to cover the range of this course ( Worth £12.99)

To book your ticket,   and get your discount  click the get started button

Crossfit London i-course 8th Nov
Crossfit London i-course 8 Nov 2009

But to make the message absolutely clear, this is a course designed for normal people so that you can go away and build effective skills into your regime. We demand no loyalty to Crossfit or its methods, We simply want you moving properly and effectively. This course will help you do this.

Just a little point. Crossfit London UK supports all of the “services”. including the military and Police forces, and we are delighted that some of our members and instructors  are  currently in both the civilian and armed forces.

The photos for the December i-Course can be seen here

5 thoughts on “Crossfit London i-Course 2011 dates

  1. We had the first ever i-course in the Crossfit London UK “Blackboard Gym ” today, and I have to say what a great event. Thanks to everyone who attended and the great work you all did.

    Thanks to Miles from Crossfit Hove, Chet from FK-UK, Colin from TSG4, Steve from Crossfit London UK, and the fabulous Kate for her admin and great photo work, all of which you can see if you facebook me “Andrew Stemler”

    Crossfit London UK is really leading the way, and getting Crossfit “out there”

    Several people really stood out among this outstanding group: Dave, the power lifter, who had the courage to step outside his specialist sport and give Crossfit a go; and Pete, whose memories of school PT “gone bad” still haunt him, but was there lifting, hanging and suffering along with the rest.

  2. Andrew, Chet, Miles, Colin, Steven and Kate.
    Thanks for a great day, learnt loads. Very keen to come back and do a WOD with you and will carry on spreading the word.

  3. Back home after an excellent day. Many thanks goes to Andrew, Steven, Chet, Colin, Miles and Kate. I would definately recommend this course to anyone who is considering starting in CrossFit or is new to CrossFit.

    It is a real shame that I live so far away as otherwise I would love to train at the “Blackboard Gym”. The level of instruction and patience provided by all the instructors is faultless and my thanks goes to each and every one of them.

  4. Hi Andrew and the rest of the team.Just wanted to say thanks very much for the course on sunday.
    Have learnt loads of useful pointers and new techniques that i was unsure of before.The ongoing support and excellent teaching was fantastic.
    Really wish i was nearer so i could visit more often.Will continue to tell everyone about Crossfit.Keep up the good work and thanks again.

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