Real life stories: Meet Gary

09 Nov

Gary Schofield is a colleague and friend. In the time I have known him I have come to realise that he is one of the most professional people I have worked with and has huge potential to do well.

Having grown up in Manchester playing football and rugby league he was a tall skinny teenager.  But like a lot of people when he joined this job he found he had money in his pocket and fell into the lifestyle of drinking and eating-lots. I did when I was at training school, and after in the section house. It was the heaviest I have ever been.

Gary has hit 21 stone but has trimmed himself back to just over 17 stone now. I have been preaching the word that is Crossfit for some 2 years now at the T.S.G. and people have started to see results, significant results.  Gary has come to me and asked for help getting back in shape.

Like many before he has had good moments of dedication but suffered from a lack of time, boredom and poor results. This will always lead to falling off that wagon. Crossfit hits all these and smashes them! The constantly varied and short intense WODS are completely recordable with sliding scalability. AND Gary stated he wanted to enjoy a good active life with his wife. Functional movements, all designed to keep us safe at work and enjoy our time off long into our retirement.

Gary at week one
Gary at week one

So Gary and I will share our journey down the Crossfit London road. Please feel free to post your support for him.

His first WOD was a little Ad Hoc I found him stood in the gym with a piece of paper in his hand.  He looked a little confused I took a look and saw a long list of movements and exercises, something akin to the filthy fifty.  I explained he should cut this to a triplet I wanted him to feel the intensity that is needed to create physiological changes.  I decided on a lap of the base followed by 21 press ups 21 KB swings another lap 15 and 15 one more lap 9 and 9. I decided to run with him and encouraged him to think a man with a gun was chasing him. It is about 325m around the base.  He ran hard, very hard, I was impressed, and he completed the whole workout in less than 10 minutes.  He gave all three signs I always look for: funny faces, involuntary noises, and feeling a little bit sick.

Gary stated he had never trained that hard before, and I knew he understood what I was asking for. He will be coming back for more on a regular basis. Good luck Gary.

If you feel you still need some convincing, share an experience or are looking for some inspiration keep checking in for updates on Gary’s progress.

8 thoughts on “Real life stories: Meet Gary

  1. How old is he? Height? He’ll need to lose a few pounds to play Saturday football.

    OTOH, the man has presence. And from a photo point of view, I can just see the gleam of sweat in the photo.

  2. Hey Kieran, I’m 33 years young, F600 and Colin assures me that Kettle Bell swings will only improve my Cruyff turn for next seasons Saturday football!!

    Gary (Still making funny faces, noises and feeling sick) Schofield.

  3. What kind of stuff are you doing for your thighs. I couldn’t see them properly in your picture. Can you publish another pic with your thighs to see if your training regime is making them thicker. Water sports may be a good extra for you on top of your work outs.

  4. Gary, just read your blog, go fella… I personally train with logs and run up steps.I rely on a split routine with a training partner dropping a medicine ball on my now rock hard abs from approximately 20 feet!!! I ususally listen to Barbie girl by Aqua when training as I find this really motivates me.

  5. Gary, I friend put me onto your site, she is a big Eastenders fan and told me you looklike Phil Mitchell, and you do. It looks like you are taking the training to a new level. Personally I like to train lifting bags of flour, I find my arms arms are developing very nicely. Anyway butch boy, must dash. Will visit again soon. DD aged 7yrs.

  6. Gary gary gary, I have your photo laminated in my school locker, Daisy keeps talking about you, I think she as a crush on you. Can you tell me how much weight you can lift in one go, I weigh 7 stones and would love you to carry me.

    Laters chunky monkey (that’s my name for you)your not that chunky, I just like the name..


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