Free Ring Training Guide [eBook]

26 Nov

[Update: Have fixed the internet. Ring guide is now available for download. Enjoy!]

One of the essential components of any strength and training regime is Ring Training, for many, many reasons.

However, you rarely see these at your local gym.

One of the biggest barriers is that most fitness instructors in “yer local gym” ( “health Spa”)  have never seen a pair of rings, let alone taught anyone how to use them.

Obviously you need to hit the Getting Started button on this site, and start training with CrossFit London (or get yourself a place on the next i-Course), but, in the meantime, this free ring training guide may help you learn some of the basics.

The fantastic Crossfit London UK Free Ring Training Guide
The fantastic Crossfit London UK Free Ring Training Guide. Click here to download

Just click on the picture above to download your guide!


If you are equipping your home gym, then this the section for you!

It’s absolutely essential, in order to train at home, that you get a pair of portable gymnastic rings. The stuff you can do on them is fantastic: dips, pull ups, holds, and the infamous muscle up!

As much as I hate media references, James Bond actor Daniel Craig uses them to get his ‘license to kill’ body (gosh, I can actually taste sick in my mouth for having written that!)

daniel craig ring trains
Daniel Craig ring trains

and the cast of the ‘300’ used them in their controversial training programme.

Cast of the 300 used rings

So, buy them direct from the USA. It is cheaper and easier than you think! I think it’s less than $70, and you get access to the Ring Training forum too

Click here to buy them directly from the US manufacturer

[Full disclosure: we make a tiny amount of money if you buy rings from the manufacturer using this link]

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