Today’s WOD Tuesday 3rd November

03 Nov

skills practise for Helen, Box Jumps, Snatch practice.

WOD: Helen

Alley way run ( approx 350 meters) 21 kettlebell swings ( 24kg) 12 Pull ups x 3

4 thoughts on “Today’s WOD Tuesday 3rd November

  1. Thanks for the hospitality and warm welcome. Hope to be able to train with you all again when I am back next month.

  2. The box jumps were a lot of fun. It would be great if you could make a bigger box. Shame I DNF-ed due to a first rendezvous with Monsieur Pukie.

    Still think there’s a place of whiteboard lists, bit like video game halls of fame. Start with three:

    * An “I met Pukie at CFL” list 🙂
    * An “I conquered Andrew’s biggest plyo box” list
    * An “I managed a muscleup at CFL” list

    I agree about not timing WODs as yet.

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