WOD 30th Nov: Tabata Fun

30 Nov

The session that’s too tough for Girls or Men: Only genuine Crossfit London Women can cope

So, we   had, a Fight Gone Bad practise ( one round with a kettlebell swing and a rest as extra stations), introduced some  kettlebell  snatch skills, then  discussed and did Tabata squats: joy!

Are you still reading this?

You should be reaching for the  Getting Started Button.

These women are lovely


2 thoughts on “WOD 30th Nov: Tabata Fun

  1. Hi Emily – as promised – where to get rings.. Trev got his rings from the same place Andrew recommends on this site – Elite gymnastic rings – see below in the ‘Equipment suppliers’ footer list. All the best and see you next week if not before.

  2. that is great – thank you Helen.
    This is where i got my rubber badn from: http://www.fitstream.com

    Will see you in 2 weeks time. I have an ultra race this weekend so my legs will not be up to crossfit so see you in a few weeks. In the meantime enjoy the torture!

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