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21 Nov

You’ll notice a few shocking things when you enter the Crossfit London Blackboard Gym. There are no rows of cardio machines, no treadmills for you to bore yourself to death on, no rows of bikes on which to prop a copy of Heat magazine. There are  certainly no cycling  trainers standing in the saddle in tight shorts screaming “Spin!”.

According to the nonsense, to get fit you need a monthly membership and the ability to plod or cycle for an hour, three times a week on a leisure centre leased treadmill or fixed bike (while watching telly).

What do we think? We think when you get to the gym you should train, not do what you should have been doing anyway. Covering distance is important, but as part of your normal natural life, not going to the gym.

So our campaign, and frankly, training expectation, is that our trainees walk, jog, run or cycle to and from work.

Aerobic activity has its role in elite fitness, but beyond obtaining some decent technique tips, it needs to become part of your natural daily activity. Your gym work is extra.

This means we expect you to be walking, jogging or running about 5k every day (or knocking up 10,000 steps) Equally you can cycle to work.

Sure there are lots of issues: it may be raining, no showers at work, too far from work – but I bet you that with a bit of thought, you could get an awful lot of activity into you life.

That means your Crossfit London training sessions are extra, not a mere replacement. So today we throw our weight behind every single cycling, walking and running to work campaign there is.

Jogging or cycling distance is the way you get from A to B, and is free. It’s nature’s gift to you. Don’t lock yourself in a room with second-rate trainer and pay them to watch you jog or walk for hours.

Walking, jogging and cycling is free.

Walking, jogging and cycling saves money on petrol, bus and tube fares.

Walking, jogging and cycling helps the environment.

Below are some useful links to get you cycling. If you know of others, please post them under comments. If you ahve hints about getting cycling, or walking etc, please share them

The London Cycling campaign

Government cycling advice

Bike For All

and a wide cross section of other interesting sites

5 thoughts on “Walk and Cycle to work

  1. Ooooh awesome article! If I was to get a quick mention in it would be of how to cycle faster – which has some good tips for city cycling and how to find cycle routes in London. I think the second one will be most useful because it lists a website where you can plan a traffic free route (For as much of the way as possible).. Hope they are of use, cheers for the article. Have just come across this website now so will be keeping in touch!

  2. We just couldnt leave your website before saying that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

  3. Since moving to Liverpool I have started walking to university every day (about 20mins each way) and cycling everywhere else. I don’t have a car and have found that often it can be quicker to walk or cycle somewhere than take a train or bus. I would just encourage anyone who is unsure about this to go for it. I feel like my quality of life has improved in addition to my fitness since I started walking and cycling.

  4. Good Afternoon!!! crossfitlondonuk.com is one of the most outstanding informational websites of its kind. I take advantage of reading it every day. Keep it that way.

  5. Loving the article!!! As a lover of bikes I push it at every turn. I sometimes can’t believe people still use the trains and buses, when riding through London gives you sooo much more freedom and interaction with our wonderful city (crazy drivers included).

    My fave journey is from my house to Dad’s – crossing London Bridge might at times be hairy but the view by day or night is amazing to look out over the river with all its landmarks. People should learn to love this city from a different angle -try a bike ride to fall back in love with London.

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