WOD 5th Nov: “Punters choice”

05 Nov

I think Thursdays is going to be our quiet night.

So, if the numbers drop we take requests from the floor, or, as in Hisham’s case, we choose the skills you hate and make you practice them, so it was upside down hangs on the rings and forward rolls, broken up by some front squats, box jumps and muscle up progressions resulting in Peters 1st ever muscle-up. Woo Hoo. We caught it  on film. When peter has uploaded it, we will stick it in this post.

and, here it is

In the second session, Rob , Yuri, and the fabulous Leda, opted for snatch practice with some box jumps, overhead squats and muscle up drills.

Sorry for the posed photo!!

Then we all went home to play with sparklers.

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2 thoughts on “WOD 5th Nov: “Punters choice”

  1. Interesting.

    I went to the booking system yesterday afternoon (around 1730, I think) to see if there was a slot available in the 1930 class. The system didn’t give me an option to book it. I assumed it was fully booked.

    What is the latest that a class can be booked?

    1. Good catch, Kieran.

      The booking window closes two hours before the class starts. I think this was a default of the system. I have adjusted it to close 30mins before the start of the session from now on.


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