CrossFit London and FK.UK present: The Deadlift [Workshop]

31 Dec

Deadlifting Workshop

Sunday,  2 May  2010, 1200 – 1500
Chet Morjaria
Chet Morjaria

Sponsored strength athlete, and deadlift record-holder Chet Morjaria teams up with CrossFit London for this speciality workshop on the deadlift.

Learn performance enhancing tips and techniques, along with comparisons and guidance on both ‘conventional’ and ‘sumo’ style deadlifting.

This session is suitable for beginner and intermediate lifters.

Come along prepared to lift heavy stuff off the floor!

Only £30

Click here to book your place.

We are delighted to announce that this event is being sponsored by Chet’s sponsor Boditronics, a leading sports nutrition company increasingly used by the country’s top athletes.

Check out for more information.

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The Crossfit London UK Kettlebell Masterclass 13 February 2010

28 Dec

The Crossfit London Kettlebell Masterclass

with Andrew Stemler, Steven Shrago and Sally Dixey

Saturday 13th February 1 to 4pm, £35

This unique Kettlebell masterclass will get you on top of the current Kettlebell fitness craze. We will teach you the essential skills you need  to both  kettlebell, and the bonus ability to bore your friends at parties with your new knowledge.

You can book  your place by hitting the “Getting Started” button.

About Us

For over 5 years, Crossfit London has been teaching people just like you how to use Kettlebells.

We have taught  elite athletes, the police, soldiers, leading Personal trainers and recreational fitness centre users how to Swing, Snatch, Windmill and Turkish get up with this unique bit of kit,  and, now, the day before Valentines Day we are going to teach you too.

The unique thing about CrossFit London is that we only allow people to teach, who CAN TEACH i.e. know their stuff and can actually communicate. Our events are always supervised and led by great presenters. Andrew Stemler, for example is a qualified English (TEFL) teacher, Olympic weightlifting teacher (BWLA), swimming teacher (ASA), an ABA boxing tutor, athletics leader (UK ATHLETICS) and advanced fitness instructor (REPS) kettlebell instructor (UKKA) – and part time trainee sports scientist. Apart from being a Crossfit Level 2 certified instructor, he also studied with Stan Pike, the head of the UKKA, taught seminars with Ken and Steve from London Kettlebells.

Steven Shrago is a Crossfit Level 1 certified trainer and Crossfit Kettlebell Graduate. He’s also a psychologist (see how much better you feel about this now?)

Sally Dixey is also a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and “the best female kettlebell instructor in London

Free gift

Thanks for reading this far and (perhaps) thinking about coming to this event. To say “thank you” we’d like to offer you a free gift*.

The Crossfit London Kettlebell training guide

Just think: if this is what we give away for free, how good is the stuff we make you pay for?!**


Download Free Crossfit London UK Kettlebell Training Guide

*Yes, it’s really free. Download, print it out, share it with friends. Go wild. What? You didn’t believe us?
**Very good indeed. Come down and see!

Creative Commons License
CrossFit London Kettlebell Training Guide by CrossFit London is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

WOD Christmas Eve & Christmas Day: The fun never stops

25 Dec

Gosh, I’m lazy! One blog entry for two workouts

Christmas Eve WOD

100 Kg deadlift, 10 reps, 16kg Kettlebell, 15 swings, walking lunges with 20kg overhead, 20 steps x 5

Fantastic effort from affiliate owner Samantha from Crossfit Virtuosity and  the amazing Sally Dixey

samantha from Crossfit  Virtuosity
Samantha from Crossfit Virtuosity fights up a deadlift

Christmas Day WOD

Fight Gone Bad, with Justin and Travis scoring over 300. Wow!

Well done to the visiting team from Crossfit Fort Bragg, and thanks for learning some basic Indian club stuff

justin, after scoring 308 on Fight Gone Bad
Justin, after scoring 308 on Fight Gone Bad

Photos at facebook

Crossfit London i-Course attendee page

24 Dec

The following people have attended the Crossfit London i-Course.

All attendees are issued with an E-certificate that bears a unique attendance code listed below. As an employer, you may validate any certificate presented to you by looking up the numbers below.

November 8 2009 i-Course

091101 George Foulgham
091102 Steven Broadley
091103 Saquib Ahmed
091104 Lee Sansom
091105 Imran Hussein
091106 David Potticary
091107 David Bland
091108 Andy Collings
091109 Andrew Whitfield
091110 Andrew Crockett
091111 Adam Bailey
091112 Peter Brown

December 13 2009 i-Course

091201 Aaron Ibbitson
091202 Robert Quirk
091203 Catreena Price
091204 Tayran Hussein
091205 Iain Hardie
091206 Jason Power
091207 Louisa Stainer
091208 Luke Berry
091209 Rob Day
091210 Tyler Stokes
091211 Gino Bagilo
091212 Phil Holbrook
091213 Daniel Iaciofano
091214 Shahbaz Hasan
091215 David Widdicombe
091216 Daniel Phipps

Crossfit according to Greg Glassman

23 Dec

Whilst it’s true to say that Crossfit is now a global movement with many popular personalities involved, those of us who were there in the early days still look towards Greg Glassman for inspiration.

Greg, a former gymnast and long term trainer,  uniquely, changed the face of fitness forever. It is rare that you come across simple truths in a world where people hide behind specialism and make things complex (and charge for it).

When I did my first certification back in 2005, I sat transfixed, and for the first time in my life didn’t ask a question: I simply wrote list after list of things to do. I’m a troublesome trainee and often challenge trainers and so called experts. Greg was the one person who didn’t attempt to muddle or confuse his audience, and simply came up with solution after solution. This was one of the rare times in my life that I had come across a real expert.

And, you know, he stands the test of time. I’m not a mindless follower, and after my level one, I took a few years of gymnastic lessons, passed my BWLA course, went to university to study Sport Science, did some Chek courses, some Poliquin, loads of REPs courses (yawn, yawn)  did a lot of  rehab work with my local London Authority, but nothing, nothing came anywhere near what Greg had to tell me.

My point in producing this page is to encourage you to always look at Greg’s word first. Before you start down the  road of isolation (focusing on just one component of fitness) just remember how sophisticated the human body is, and that  it is  a whole organism,  not a silly bundle  of  attributes. So, if you are working on your aerobic capacity, or strength, or flexibility, the chances are that you are hiding in your “strengths”, not challenging your  weaknesses. Unfortunately nature does not recognise strength or flexibility, it just dumps nasty things in your your path.

So I thought I would like to give you the opportunity of hearing about Crossfit from Greg’s own lips, especially as we  often struggle with explaining to you what Crossfit is about. If you have some extra clips, do send  them to me at

Here Greg talks about broad inclusive fitness

Greg Glassman: Deadlift

Greg Glassman: deadlift arm position

Greg Glassman: an overview

What about abs?

The push press

You can get other gems from Greg by subscribing to the Crossfit Journal, which is stupidly cheap.

Another resource, pointed out by Joel, is this site

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