FK UK Deadlift Masterclass

31 Jan

A fantastic day as Crossfit London Uk teamed up with Chet and Sally from FK UK to deliver a specialist seminar on the deadlifts.

This was a unique opportunity to learn and review deadlift techniques with some really skilled prese

Chet taught, beautifully

Sally gave some brilliant demonstrations and coached and taught her heart out

You can find all the pictures from today’s session on the CrossFit London Flickr page, here.

WOD 31 Jan: Handstand push-ups/pull-ups & Beginners

31 Jan

Today’s WOD was an assault on the shoulders and a battle of wills, as CrossFit London’s brave band of athletes took on:

21 -15 – 9 reps of each of the following exercises:

  • Handstand push-ups
  • Pull-ups

As with all CrossFit workouts we are able to scale for all levels of skill and capacity. So while Scott kicked off with full HSPUs, Efe and Vishal (in his first CrossFit London class!) worked the scaled version off the boxes.

Vishal and Efe do scaled handstand push-ups from the box
Vishal and Efe do scaled handstand push-ups from the box

We also got the opportunity to welcome five new beginners to CrossFit London this morning. Having worked through the squat workshop and some work on deadlifts, they had a crack at the CrossFit London benchmark WOD:

Alleyway run, followed by

15-12-9 of each of the following exercises

  • Ring rows
  • Squats
  • Push-ups

Finally another Alleyway run to finish!

And after all that, they still had a little left over to smile winningly for the camera!

Temi, Alex, Naim, Laura, and Sophia
Temi, Alex, Naim, Laura, and Sophia

Welcome to CrossFit London, guys!

WOD 29 Jan: Deadlifts & Push/Ups

29 Jan


Joel enjoys a well deserved collapse on the floor, while Amelia (below) , loving her 150 Deadlift/150 push up work out.

Whats not to like?

Amelia deadlifts

Yuri pushes through the pain, but is still having lots of fun, really

Yuri pushes out the pain

The warm up was a few minutes of humiliation as we experimented with double unders and triple under attempts

CrossFit London interviewed by America Peals

29 Jan

The delightful, charming, and funny Amanda Peals took time out of her busy schedule of turning herself into an elite athlete (no less) to interview Steven about CrossFit and related miscellany.

Poetically she has chosen to begin her journey at CrossFit New England (just like the original England, but newer I suppose), but seems to hint at a road trip to London one of these days. We’ll be holding you to that, Amanda!

Aside from the post below, there are some terrific interviews with some of the more famous CrossFit coaches and celebrities on her site, as well as the ongoing story of her journey. Well worth a read, folks.

CrossFit across the Pond – Oy!” from America Peals

WOD 28 Jan: Fran-tastic

28 Jan

This is one of the reasons that we don’t post the WODs the night before…

Yay! Fran day!

21-15-9 reps of each of the following exercises

  • Thrusters
  • Pull-ups

Despite this being some people’s first attempt at Fran, everyone put in 100%. Great encouragement and support from the sidelines saw some impressive numbers being put up.

This was a dry run for our first Benchmark Day in February. Yes, Fran will be back!

Scott pull-ups
Scott pull-ups
Becca thrusters
Becca thrusters
Andrew pull-ups
Andrew pull-ups
Efe thrusters
Efe thrusters

WOD 27 Jan: 5x 250m Row sprints

27 Jan

Row as hard as you can for 250 metres. No management, no saving a bit for a rainy day: Row as if you life depends on it.


Do it four more times, and you end up flat on your back. Well done the 6.30pm team!

But before that, we got to say hello to our beginners session, full of nice people.

Say Hello

The thing that makes Crossfit London fantastic is, the quality of our members, who are both inspirational, and lovely

and, we caught  Pats 1st handstand push up on camera. This is on the way  back up

Beaverfit: Bespoke Gym Equipment

27 Jan

In  a few weeks, a new site will go live promoting Beaverfit products; a new range of strength stuff from a British bridge building company.

Here are some extracts from a recent press release, that I thought could be of interest to the equipment buyers among you.


Holds x8 Olympic bars and has predrilled holes for attaching to the floor.

Powder coated finish

Beaver Farmers walker/shrugger

This is a fantastic piece of equipment that allows you to perform farmer’s walks or shrugs. The open design allows one to walk straight in and get set up ready to begin. If your are doing the farmers walk with this equipment the legs are designed to stop the equipment tipping over if dropped in desperation!!!!

Paint and powder coat finish


Parallettes are small gymnastics devices, uesd in pairs, Parallettes are similar to pushup bars, or dip bars, they are used low to the ground. Parallettes are fantastic for those who wish to develop strength by means of body weight exercises.

Parallettes are typically used for L-sits, V-sits, handstand presses and handstand pushups.


14”high, 30”long and 14” wide


12”high is 24” long and 14” wide. Powder coated

These bars are indestructible and will withstand years of abuse!!

Beaver Parallettes – with joining bar allowing them to lock together £60

BeaverCreeper Sled

The Creeper is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, arms and hips and increase overall endurance for both pulling and pushing. This sled has bars at the one end with a removable “V Frame” that can be adjusted for pushing against, (like a rugby player!) and on the other end handles for pushing and a fixing loop for a pulling with a harness.  Under the “V frame” is where you put weight plates to increase resistance. The Creeper can be used in team situations for competition or for personal gains, this makes for a must have piece of equipment!!!

This sled offers many benefits from recovery to pure strength development. This heavy Duty drag sled is meant to be used on most surfaces and is built to last. The strong steel post is built to hold multiple olympic plates and there is a steel spacers on the bottom to allow for easy unloading without getting your fingers trapped!!

If you want to talk to a genuine British Company that actually makes stuff, drop Tom an email.

Full disclosure: We are very picky about products or companies that we endorse at CrossFit London (and this should not be considered an endorsement, per se). Put simply, I thought finding stuff actually being built in the UK was really interesting, and in my capacity as one of the organisers of this years UK and Ireland Crossfit games qualifier, I was impressed to see that this company has really got involved to support the event.

Neither I nor CrossFit London have received any money or other incentives for posting this article.

The Crossfit London WOD 26 Jan (am): What are you made of?

26 Jan

It can’t always be sugar and spice and all things nice…sometimes it really is slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails.

Brave London Crossfitters showed us what they were made of with today’s WOD:

As many rounds as possible in 20 mins of:

  • Alleyway run
  • 20x Thrusters (15kg/25kg)
  • 20x 20″ box step ups with bar (15kg/25kg)
  • 15x pull-ups

And yes, these guys were up and going for it at 06:30.

Alleyway run at 06:30
Alleyway run at 06:30
Sally and Tim step up
Sally and Tim step up
Amelia Thrusters
Amelia Thrusters

Special shout out to Tim H. who has joined us for the week from Auckland, New Zealand. That’s the other side of the world, folks!

Tim proudly joins the ranks of our visiting CrossFitters.

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