24 Jan 2010, The Crossfit London i-Course Day

24 Jan

A fantastic day, a fantastic group! We had some leading personal trainers in the audience showing off great physiques, and asking some really intelligent, well thought out questions. Well done, everyone!

A super atmosphere was dampened slightly by our first (and hopefully last!) i-Course injury (some scraped shins in a shin vs. box “shin off”). Some speedy first aid and a pile of mats got the casualty comfy whilst R.I.C.E. took effect,  so everyone made it to the final picture.

Well done to the teaching team, with a big welcome to Sally Dixey on her first i-Course. And as always, thanks to the lovely Kate for the great photos!

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One thought on “24 Jan 2010, The Crossfit London i-Course Day

  1. From i-Course participant, Claire T

    Dear All,

    Can’t thank you all enough for the course yesterday, I loved it and am a total convert. I come from a background of running/triathlon and don’t like to spend any time in the gym as it seems to be a lot of hanging around posing and not much gain but your approach was exactly what I need to improve my speed and strength and makes mpore sense to me. Having not trained in a gym I assumed that I would not be able to do pull ups/rings/squats (well, I was right about that one) but the progressive increments made me feel that I can do more than I thought and I have a program of developemnts to follow.

    I was also impressed by how friendly and supportive you all were – not like the strange types you normally see in gyms at all!!

    Thanks a million and hopefully see you all again,


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