Beaverfit: Bespoke Gym Equipment

27 Jan

In  a few weeks, a new site will go live promoting Beaverfit products; a new range of strength stuff from a British bridge building company.

Here are some extracts from a recent press release, that I thought could be of interest to the equipment buyers among you.


Holds x8 Olympic bars and has predrilled holes for attaching to the floor.

Powder coated finish

Beaver Farmers walker/shrugger

This is a fantastic piece of equipment that allows you to perform farmer’s walks or shrugs. The open design allows one to walk straight in and get set up ready to begin. If your are doing the farmers walk with this equipment the legs are designed to stop the equipment tipping over if dropped in desperation!!!!

Paint and powder coat finish


Parallettes are small gymnastics devices, uesd in pairs, Parallettes are similar to pushup bars, or dip bars, they are used low to the ground. Parallettes are fantastic for those who wish to develop strength by means of body weight exercises.

Parallettes are typically used for L-sits, V-sits, handstand presses and handstand pushups.


14”high, 30”long and 14” wide


12”high is 24” long and 14” wide. Powder coated

These bars are indestructible and will withstand years of abuse!!

Beaver Parallettes – with joining bar allowing them to lock together £60

BeaverCreeper Sled

The Creeper is one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, arms and hips and increase overall endurance for both pulling and pushing. This sled has bars at the one end with a removable “V Frame” that can be adjusted for pushing against, (like a rugby player!) and on the other end handles for pushing and a fixing loop for a pulling with a harness.  Under the “V frame” is where you put weight plates to increase resistance. The Creeper can be used in team situations for competition or for personal gains, this makes for a must have piece of equipment!!!

This sled offers many benefits from recovery to pure strength development. This heavy Duty drag sled is meant to be used on most surfaces and is built to last. The strong steel post is built to hold multiple olympic plates and there is a steel spacers on the bottom to allow for easy unloading without getting your fingers trapped!!

If you want to talk to a genuine British Company that actually makes stuff, drop Tom an email.

Full disclosure: We are very picky about products or companies that we endorse at CrossFit London (and this should not be considered an endorsement, per se). Put simply, I thought finding stuff actually being built in the UK was really interesting, and in my capacity as one of the organisers of this years UK and Ireland Crossfit games qualifier, I was impressed to see that this company has really got involved to support the event.

Neither I nor CrossFit London have received any money or other incentives for posting this article.

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