CrossFit London Bookcase & Reviews

17 Jan

One of our many resources is the Crossfit London Bookcases, packed full of interesting physical cultural  books, from heavy going sports science text books, to user friendly books you only see advertised on websites.

Both steven and I are avid book readers and we both spend too much money online, buying books that are, well, a bit crap. We  are all too aware that its nice to have  a flick through 1st  to help you decide.

This is not a lending library, so you cannot come and settle down with your cheese and pickle sandwiches and nose clippers and read all day: however, you can get  a good idea if the book you were thinking of getting is for you. Imagine being in  a bookshop.

This service is only available to people who have booked a place in a class or a course, so i would hate to give you the false idea that you could  just wonder in and expect access, but if you are booked into a course, or class, spare a few minutes to have  a browse.

We have stuff from Chek, Stan pike, Pavel, and POSE and CHI running material, the legendary strength  handbalancing course and some hard to access russian translation stuff.

If you are launching a book it may be a good idea to send us a copy so our members can decide if they want to buy it or not.

That  said, this process is a bit passive, so will also be asking you, our valued members and readers to start submitting honest reviews of leading sport and exercise science books .  Post your reviews below.

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