CrossFit London Coaching Academy [REPS]

23 Jan

CrossFit London Coaching Academy

Saturday 5 March, 1400-1600

The Crossfit London Coaching academy is a pathfinder educational process that aims to equip Crossfit trainers with the tools to deliver top quality sessions.


The Academy deals with Crossfit methodology and theory. The idea is to develop a mature understanding of the philosophy and development of the Crossfit system. The Academy emphasises this part of its ever-expanding syllabus and directs it towards Greg Glassman’s original work and recommendations.

Teaching Methods

We deal with “in the trenches” teaching methods. We introduce and reinforce teaching cycles, methods of assessment, and consolidate teaching practices. We get you to re-evaluate your teaching methods by making the trainer become a beginner again. One of the ways we achieve this is by presenting you with unfamiliar methods and techniques.
It’s all too easy to blame beginners for not “getting it” when it’s the trainers’ method, style, order and presentation that are the problem. We remind you again and again that effective teaching is based around the drills the trainees actually do, not the trainer endlessly talking.

New (or is it old?) methods

Crossfit London is packed full of experts: We have doctors, psychologists, strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, massage and gymnastic professionals as part of our immediate and extended team. They can help you develop your knowledge in their specialist subject. We frequently delve outside the Crossfit system to allow us to reflect and evaluate different training ideas and methods.

First Aid

Most sessions will include the opportunity to rehearse First Aid skills. This is part of our ongoing emphasis on effective health and safety.


We encourage regular attendees to develop an evidence-based portfolio of their developing expertise. They can achieve this by identifying those skills that they are qualified to deliver, and establish those facts to a third party if need be. In an internet world, it is all too easy to see a move, bring it into a class and then get well and truly stuck because you to not have enough insight to teach the drill properly. We are developing an internal validating system that allows us to present, develop, appraise and then establish competence in certain moves.
These sessions are worth two CPD points to members of The Register of Exercise Professionals.
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One thought on “CrossFit London Coaching Academy [REPS]

  1. this event will contain a 30 plus minute refresher session on CPR. We will also be focusing on the push jerk teaching it, correcting it, developing it. become totally familiar with the trainers guide approach to the push jerk, and your own extra drills and problems and observations.

    The group quizz will be on page 87 to 90 . Know it backwards! (in April, the group quizz will be on pages 5 to 12. You gave been warned). I think chris and steve are doing a bit on hypertrophic growth/repetitive method. This session could well be 3 hours.

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