CrossFit London mini POSE Running Technique Workshop

21 Jan


with LEE SAXBY ( POSE Coach level 4)

Sunday 7th February 12.30 to 3.30


This is a fantastic opportunity to get to grips with the basics of the POSE RUNNING METHOD. In 3 hours Lee Saxby (POSE Level 4 coach), from Zoo Human will take you through the basic drills you need to begin to practise the POSE method.

This could be a turning point in your life as a runner. At the moment, accepted running styles injure 85% of runners (shin splints, knee issues, etc.) This could  be  your chance to run injury free.

The controversial POSE technique, designed by Nicholas Romanov, has already been adopted by the official triathlete body in the USA. This masterclass could be an ideal stepping stone for you  to begin to practically understand the technique

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7 thoughts on “CrossFit London mini POSE Running Technique Workshop

  1. hi Twyla, it is indeed, and having attended several much longer sessions, this is the ideal 1st exposure . But, theres no reason why you couldn’t totally master the method from this session alone.

    Ideal for anyone who is not POSE qualified

  2. By the way, watch out on breakfast TV tomorrow (between 6 -9am) as Lee Saxby is being featured in a news feature about barefoot running.

    He will be signing autographs


  3. Hi Andrew, Just wanted to say thanks for organzing this event. It was fabulous!!

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