i-Course [March](REPS)

18 Jan

The Crossfit London  i-Course is a one-day workshop that covers the basic CrossFit moves and much more.

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In one action-packed day you will be taught:

  • How to squat
  • How to perform the nine fundamental CrossFit moves: squat, front squat, overhead squat, press, push-press, push-jerk, Sumo deadlift high-pull and deadlift.
  • The olympic lifts:  snatch and clean & jerk
  • How to swing and snatch a kettlebell
  • How to practice handstands and the handstand push-up with all the assistance exercises currently recommended
  • Amazing core stability: the dish hold, hollow rock and the L-sit
  • We will also play with the pull-up: strict  &  kipping. We use bands if you need pull-up assistance (we were all there once!)
  • Then it’s a mixture of  floor and rings to look at push-ups, front supports, ring dips and muscle-ups

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The cost is £100 which includes a copy of the world famous “Crossfit London Elite Fitness Guide”


Why is this called the i-Course?

Because the “i” could stand for “introduction”, “introspection”, “information” or “intermediate”. Beginners or intermediate trainees can come to this course and get massive benefits. Others may be interested in checking out Crossfit, or just getting a few extra moves to add to their own training. Everyone is welcome.

How was it developed?

The course grew out of a series of masterclasses run by Crossfit London during 2005. The content was refined with support from Miles Key (Crossfit Hove) and Chet Morjaria (FCUK) over three years before appearing in a consolidated form in late 2008

I have no arm strength. Won’t this be  waste of time as I can’t push-up, let alone pull up?

This day is about progressions and scaling. Once you understand the principles of working across gravity, rather than against it, you will be able to adapt all the Crossfit exercises and then learn the next progression to help you improve your strength. We make the coaching process very explicit so you can continue to teach yourself.

So I do this course and I’m sorted?

This is six hours of skill teaching, not training. We hope to get you to a level where you can train on your own. At the end of the six hours some will have picked it all up, others will struggle and want to reattend. These are skills which need practice. It’s not about sitting in a machine and  working one joint; you need to learn to coordinate and balance yourself. If you pay attention to the progressions and the drills, you will have a lot of  “sign posts” in your training.

I’m a fitness instructor/personal trainer. Will this session be any good for me?

As we find a lot of personal trainers to be weak and uncoordinated, this is an ideal session to come to. However, the aim of this session is not to certify individuals to teach Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting or gymnastics. If you genuinely aspire to teach, this course will give you a massive advantage over others embarking on their first certification. Crossfit certification seminars are frequently available in the USA.

During the session you will be able to talk to those who have done their certifications, and those in the process of preparing to go.

If you appear on the register of exercise professionals at level 2 or above, this masterclass is worth 4 cpd points

REPS 4 CPD Points
REPS 4 CPD Points

I’m not serious about Crossfit, I just want to add a few extra skills to my training

That’s fine. Loyalty to Crossfit is not demanded. We are  just delighted to share our skill set.

Do we get a book and a t shirt?

You will be emailed a copy of the “CrossFit London Elite Fitness Manual” after the course. T-shirts to buy on the day.

What about discounts?

We offer a 15% discount on all of our training fees to members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Service, as well as students in full-time education. Please contact Steven for more details.

Timing of the course

The course runs from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm with an hour for lunch at approx 12.30

What do others think?

“Thank you very much Andrew. I found the course to be very good indeed.  In fact I am going to abandon my usual weight training and CV routine and give crossfit a go”. Brian

“Thanks to Andrew for running an excellent, information packed course”. Brian. (Strength and power)

“Today was unbelievable! thank you so much!” Sam

“Hi Andrew —we all (Gaz, Maggie, Martin and Debbs) had a brilliant time on Sunday. It was better than I even expected so let us know when you have other courses available because we will definitely attend.Your helpers were also great especially Steve, Wendy and Miles.The day was fun, tiring and very informative. Thanks again – we are totally addicted now”

‘Thank you. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, although I’m still aching in places. You’re in excellent shape for a 48-year-old.
All the best’ Rob

I was at the iCourse yesterday. I’m led to believe I need to be your friend to see the hideous photos that were taken of me yesterday…! (and of course, I want to be your friend anyway as you seem like such a nice chap (Scott, June 2009)

Thanks for the course today! it was SO good… It clarified so many things for me especially the lifts! I really appreciated your enthusiasm and passion for health and fitness, it’s great meeting like minded people. Thanks again, Tom (June 2009)

Thank you for a brilliant day today. I don’t think I will be able to walk tomorrow, let alone pick up any of my children… but thoroughly enjoyed the beasting. (Michelle, June 2009)

You can read an online review of the i-Course (2nd Nov 2008) by internet journalist Sally Moss.

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