Olympic Lifting Masterclass I (REPS)

18 Jan

The CrossFit London Olympic Lifting Masterclass I, 1430-1730 June 11, 2011

REPS 4 CPD Points
REPS 4 CPD Points

With Andrew Stemler and Steven Shrago

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We will teach you how to clean & jerk and snatch – from scratch! In just three hours!

Until now the olympic lifts have been seen the  secret hidden weapon of advanced athletes, now we will show you how easy these moves are to learn and once we have given you the basic progressions, we set you up with the drills to help you develop and move to mastery in your own time.

You will learn the moves with a bit of lightweight plastic tubing so that you can understand them, without having to worry about dropping heavy weights on your head.

We will also ‘fix’ your squat (we’re kind of nice like that) and give you the drills to continue to make it, er, more marvellous?!

Andrew and Steven are very humorous(!) and kind (what?), but really know their stuff; you won’t have to worry about being a normal person.

We are simply there to help you learn, in a fun, safe environment. We have taught hundreds of people these moves over the past few years. Feel free to check out some of our previous masterclass photos on Flickr.

Note: If you are a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals at level 2 or above, this masterclass awards you 4 CPD points.

But, we should stress that anyone can attend these masterclasses to learn.

The workshop costs £45.

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