Real life stories: Gary in month 2 “It’s all about the numbers”

25 Jan

So it’s now been two months. Wow, time has flown by!

Gary has spent his time with me learning new skills and drills and just lapping them all up; Olympic lifts and gymnastic movements such as handstands and muscle up progressions. For someone of his size he is amazingly deft at kicking up to a hand stand. His warm ups are becoming progressively longer as he includes all the practice drills. I have him doing rubber band assisted pull ups, which again he has already mastered kipping with. He put this to good use recently when completing Barbara for the first time. It was in the third round that the penny dropped and he kipped through the whole twenty reps unbroken. It was a great moment!

We have had Christmas since our last update, a challenging time for diet in particular. Personally I try not worry about the diet and regime, and just enjoy the whole month. My policy is train hard for eleven months so you can relax and enjoy everything on offer. I ended up putting on nine pounds! I was over the moon and insisted everyone should now call me “Big Col”. I lost it all within 24 hours. Still it was nice while it lasted. Gary says Christmas was not too big an issue for him and the weight has been steadily falling off him.

He has talked about how his wife has noticed his “buns”! Nice! His body has started to change shape and he is enjoying this. I would encourage him to note the changes, but it is not the mirror that will truly reflect your personal gains. It’s all about the numbers. How many reps, total weight lifted, fastest time recorded, etc.

Whatever the measurement, record these and always look to improve on them. Some will be easy as he makes quick gains, while others will seem to be negative as he makes the transition from scaled to as required. And speaking of numbers as I write this Gary is about to hit day 50 of the 100 days of the “100 Burpees Challenge”. When he hits day 100 he will have completed 5,050 burpees!

And what of the numbers?

Week 1 Week 8
Neck 18.5″ 16.5″
Chest 47″ 48″
Stomach 45″ 40″
Thigh 25.5 23.5″

I write this having just returned from helping coach at another great iCourse day, which Gary attended.  I had been singing his praises all morning and he did not let me down. The quality of his handstand was commented on and he achieved his first full handstand press up.  Improving every day.

I will leave you with a quote from a text to me from Gary in response to me stating he has been bitten by the Crossfit bug.

“I know, and it’s cool! Crossfit is awesome. A bit dramatic but it’s life changing for me”

But I could not resist a cheesy before and after shot to bring the numbers to life so take a look below.

Gary in month 3
Gary in month 3

4 thoughts on “Real life stories: Gary in month 2 “It’s all about the numbers”

  1. Hey Gary, nice you meet you at the deadlift workshop. Your lifting was very impressive – you are a natural ‘dip, grip and rip’-er! Keep going, your progress is awesome.

  2. Thank’s for the support. The deadlifting workshop was fantastic and really good for my confidence.I still have some rather special bruises on my shins!!!

  3. Nice one Gary. Ahhh the shin bruises! Good job on keeping the bar close to you 😉 Your last deadlift didn’t look overly tough either – plenty more there for sure. Keep us updated!

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