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17 Jan

The problem with running is that we all think we can do it. And of course, on one level we can. If I was to say, move faster with no consequences for your long term knee , foot, or  body health, sure we can all do that.

But we  at Crossfit London are moving to support London runners by reviewing the various methods of running, and combining them  with  some decent training ideas, based on the notion that running can, and should be, injury free.

Whilst its popular to want to talk about the POSE method of Running ( by Nicholas Romanov) or Chi Running ( by Danny Dreyer) we will also look at respected sports scientists like  James Hay and seeing what they have to say about the biomechanics of running. We are fortunate to have  useful links with The University of East London and so  we will be picking some of the brains of the leading lecturers their as well. Above all we will have a regard to the past runners like Gordon Pirie and get to re-learn what clumpy running shoes and shoddy fitness instructors have stolen from us

For me personally, it has meant  ditching the  built up training shoes and hunting down shoes that let me feel what my foot is meant to be doing. Its surprising how fast you stop heel striking when you dont have a built up heel.

I think barefoot running will be part of our and your journey, but don’t throw your trainers away just yet, but, think about getting access to a pair of flatter shoes  ( remember those old deck shoes) or five finger vibrams.  Don’t start running jacked up on the balls of your feet either! Sure its possibly part of the solution, but  like everything, it  needs to be trained in and conditioned.

So your drill tonight is to walk around your safe flat/house /room in barefoot ( ie the one without broken bottles, needles and  rough stones) Dont make a fuss about it or people who know you will think you are a tree hugging hippy, but just think about  how much your feet can feel. Just for 5 minutes.

more drills soon.

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