Self-Protection Workshop

09 Jan

November 7, 1430-1630 (£25)

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Everything you wanted to know about self-protection but were too cool to ask.
Okay, not really, but we will try to answer some of your questions, and give you a small taste of what can be a very wide and deep subject.  We will cover:

  • The contexts of criminal assault
  • Situational awareness and how to improve it
  • Managing unknown contacts
  • Pre-assault cues
  • Pre-emptive strikes

The training will consist of both discussion and – most importantly – practical drills.

While there is a formal lesson plan, you’re welcome to highlight any concerns you have about personal security at any time. In addition, there will be a specific opportunity to do this at the conclusion of the session.

Equipment needed: While there is benefit in training in your everyday clothing and footwear, for this first session we would ask that you wear comfortable, training-style clothing and shoes.

Physical requirements: This is not a particularly strenuous session – those wll be coming later – but there will be some ballistic movement (punching).  If you can get through a CrossFit warm-up, you’re more than capable.

Any long nails need to be cut short, or – if you can’t bear to destroy that £300 nail job – taped up with plasters/zinc oxide tape.  Jewellery needs to be removed if it’s likely to be a hazard (the instructor will make a final judgement on this, but don’t worry – he won’t be conducting an in-depth search!)

About the instructor

Phil has trained in various martial arts off-and-on for over 20 years.  However, in the last 8 years he has focussed on a study of purely self protection methods, both unarmed and armed, seeking out some of the most highly regarded instructors and mentors in their fields.  His training has taken him around the UK, as far East as Poland, and as far West as the US. He has practical experience of applying the lessons he has learned in an operational environment as well as instructing those who work there.

Qualifications and Certifications:

  • Dennis Martin (Combatives)
  • ‘SouthNarc’ (Multi-disciplinary tactics)
  • Red Zone Training (Redman Instructor)
  • ABA Assistant Coach
  • Registered as an instructor and insured by the BCA
  • FAAW qualified.

Click here to book your place on this workshop.

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