Water, water, frozen everywhere, but not a drop to flush the loo!

08 Jan

It’s funny how things happen. Standing here in one of the most advanced capital cities in the world, and I have to worry about flushing the loo. The cold weather has hit part of the exposed  main further down our alley way, and suddenly Crossfit London is in the dark ages. Albeit, a dark ages where you can blog.

But it’s interesting, all of  a sudden, working out how much water you need and then working out how to get it. The average loo takes about 5 to 10 litres of water to flush. The average cleaning bucket takes about 10 litres. 10 litres of water is 10 kilos in weight.

All of a sudden preparing to pick up and carry weight, a lot, makes sense. and all of a sudden all those appeals about villages in the third world building wells and pumps too makes sense.  Think about how much water you use in a day, now think about hauling it over distance. Would you be anxious to waste it?

Well none of our neighbours are open, (we all share the same broken supply) so I’ve been out, scrapping ice off abandoned bits of furniture and scarpping snow off the path, hoping it melts in time to meet the next flush requirement.

The glamour of running a Crossfit facility!

Sure we will be back to normal after the weekend, and our nasty encounter with reality and the power of nature will be over: after all, if the landlord had lagged the external pipes and repaired the leak thats dripped for the last 12 months this would never have happened. But think of a London with no water, for an hour then a day then a week. Imagine the supermarkets running out of bottled water… how fit would you need to be to go and get water for you and  your family; if needs be, by taking it from others, or preventing others taking yours And what does your fitness regime today do to prepared you for the worst?

Think about petrol, and transport, and what you eat and what you wear. How much of it could you get if you had to walk to the store and haul it home buy foot.

We are not survivalists. We don’t advocate stockpiling or living your lives in a box of imagined terror, but owning an adaptable fitness, one that prepares you for unforeseen challenges does seem to be a good idea. Especially today…

3 thoughts on “Water, water, frozen everywhere, but not a drop to flush the loo!

  1. I love it! In the event of a disaster xfit will enable me to overpower non xfitters and steal their essential supplies!

  2. watch out for the new 25L jerry cans. Once the crisis is over, expect some functional “water carry wods”

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