WOD 28 Jan: Fran-tastic

28 Jan

This is one of the reasons that we don’t post the WODs the night before…

Yay! Fran day!

21-15-9 reps of each of the following exercises

  • Thrusters
  • Pull-ups

Despite this being some people’s first attempt at Fran, everyone put in 100%. Great encouragement and support from the sidelines saw some impressive numbers being put up.

This was a dry run for our first Benchmark Day in February. Yes, Fran will be back!

Scott pull-ups
Scott pull-ups
Becca thrusters
Becca thrusters
Andrew pull-ups
Andrew pull-ups
Efe thrusters
Efe thrusters

5 thoughts on “WOD 28 Jan: Fran-tastic

  1. 13:38 40 kg no band

    40kg was hard, last 9 had a hard time getting the bar up there !

  2. I suggest the “Efe” as a measure of WOD intensity.

    Shiny head: 1 Efe
    Light mist over the head: 2 Efes
    Full on steaming: 3 Efes

    Not to be confused with the popular Turkish pilsen…

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