Kettlebell Hell: At the Crossfit London Kettlebell Masterclass

14 Feb

If you didn’t get to the Crossfit London Kettlebell masterclass yesterday, then you missed out on the opportunity to train with me, (boo hoo) and the fantastic Sally Dixey. And you missed out on making some great contacts. These events give you the opportunity to meet like minded people; this is often as valuable as the skills you will learn on the day!

At Crossfit London UK, we try to stage as many mini-seminars as possible so people who cannot access us all the time can get those essential skills at a reasonable price. These masterclasses also allow us to focus in greater depth on some of the  i-Course skills.

We try and make the teaching process very explicit to give you progressions you can use to help you train yourself as well as others; these courses are great to help you improve your own skills, or even train others. My people think we are very good teachers! Certainly we use lots of unusual household items (and kitten imagery) to help you learn.

"On reflection, is this position right?"

Sally Dixey threw in her own selection of useful household and day to day objects, and chipped nail polish.

Sally's "chipped nail polish" tip helped all the boys....boom boom

Keep an eye out for Sally’s regular ‘Kettlebell Hell’ class on Thursday evenings at 7.30pm.

Get yourself booked on to the next Masterclass or i-Course.

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More photos on the CrossFit London Flickr page, here.

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