PERSONAL TRAINING: The Crossfit London UK difference: Credible enough to own a gym!

06 Feb

If you have spent anytime looking at the endless stream of personal training in London websites, you may have picked up a few messages and themes. To help you out in choosing a personal trainer that is right for you, we decided to start identifying those features that we think makes a personal trainer credible.

High up on on our list is whether they are successful enough to own their own studio, or even be allowed to train others in a gym.

Sure, it’s possible that you actually want to meet your personal trainer in a park or at your home, but would you really use an accountant, solicitor, doctor, who didnt have their own studio or office, even if  it’s a home based one? It does show a poor lack of commitment and an un-willingness to invest in their own professional standing.

I recall that even when I met clients in their homes or at parks, I  also had a base at the (very flashy) Andaz Hotel in Liverpool street, and  a fully equipped gym in my house: my cellar had a Concept 2 rower, a bench press, a GHD. My garden housed two squat racks, 30 kettlebells, 10 olympic weightlifting bars, and 1,000 kilo of weight.

Interestingly, the sessions at my house were cheaper than at the flashy Andaz, which gave my clients a bit of choice too.

So you must have  trainer who has the credibility of a physical base, even if they just rent space at a gym. Fom  a personal safety point of view, just having people turn up on your doorstep can be a teeny bit risky. Gyms will check out trainers before they offer space to them, and will come under the informal scrutiny of other trainers “on the floor”.

There are, of course, many respectable trainers who are to all intents and purposes homeless. It’s just that I would want one with base that I could go to!

Needless to say, the trainers at Crossfit London UK have  a permanent base in Bethnal Green in their dedicated Crossfit Gym  at 9 Gales Gardens E2, which is some 3 minutes away from the heart of the Capital by central line.

This is just one of many points we will be discussing: there are many other factors you should  take into account, which we will be discussing  in future articles.

But, if you already think that a Crossfit London UK Personal Trainer could be for you, click the getting started button. By the way, our prices for a single  personal training session including gym entry , are £50 for an hour. ( nothing else to pay, no need for a long term contract, just book online and train) There are other packages which make this amount cheaper, but we thought we would mention the most expensive 1st.

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