The Crossfit London Indian Club Swinging Masterclass

21 Feb

This was a fantastic way to begin our promotion of the ancient art of Indian Club swinging. The Crossfit London Blackboard Gym is devoted to bringing back old style physical cultural methods: What better addition could there be than club swinging? We already advance the causes of adult gymnastics, kettlebells, olympic weightlifting and good old fashioned hard work.

A select group of trainees had the privilege of watching a phenomenal demonstration  of heavy club swinging by 75 year old Krishen Jalli, (who will soon be taking a regular session at Crossfit London’s Blackboard Gym: more details to come).

Krishen Swings some very heavy clubs
75 year old, Krishen Jalli swings two 15kg clubs. Seriously!

From 2 till 5pm,  Dr Mike Simpson from Sheffield led the class in an introduction to British Military club swinging, and not only got through the basics, but introduced some fancy club swinging routines too.

The gang with Mike Simpson

According to Mike Simpson, swinging has a natural rhythm and movement that stimulates both the mind and the body while giving you a good workout. Many martial artists have used club swinging techniques in the past as a way of exercising and improving striking, flexibility, holds and co-ordination for weapons training.

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Indian club swinging also has other claimed benefits such as:

• Balanced development of the shoulders, arms and back.

• Increases flexibility and strength in the wrists, elbows and shoulders.

• Improves the range of motion in these joints.

• Improves co-ordination, timing and skill with the hands.

• Can be used to counteract some natural imbalances in the posture as a result of being right or left-handed.

• Can complement other types of training to increase strength, endurance, stamina and aerobic fitness.

• Some physiotherapists use light clubs to treat some shoulder injuries.

• Some claim that Indian club swinging can be used to improve the general health and well being of the practitioners

Check out the Sheffield Indian Club swingers, here.

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