The Crossfit London UK Olympic Weightlifting Masterclass II, 7 March 2010

02 Feb

Sunday 7 March 2010, 12.30pm to 4.30pm

Led by Commonwealth gold medalist Giles Greenwood, assisted by Andrew Stemler.

Unit 9, Gale’s Gardens, Bethnal Green, London E2 0EJ

Do you want to boost your Olympic weightlifting training through the roof? Fancy some accessible, do-able, high performance lifting tips but don’t have access to regular tuition or an international level trainer? If so this is the masterclass for you.

This 3 hour masterclass assumes that you have a basic snatch and clean and jerk. This would normally mean you have attended an i-Course, or a similar introductory session.

Put it this way, the session will probably warm up with some Snatch Balances: if you don’t know what they are, this will probably be too advanced, but, if you do, or you’ve had, say, three hours of tuition, with a few hours of practice, you are probably ready. If you have lingering doubts ask by, emailing Andrew.

The session is predominantly skill focused, so you will train with loads that suit you.

Women always welcome.

Check out the photos from the last masterclass on facebook

All this for just £35… wow, get two places.


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