Thursday Nights ‘Kettlebell Hell’, with Sally Dixey

01 Feb

Crossfit London UK are delighted to announce a brand new class about to hit the weekly schedules…Kettlebell Hell!

Get this in your diary, starting the week after Valentines day.

Every Thursday 7.30pm at the Crossfit London UK, Blackboard Gym in Bethnal Green, the phenomenal Sally Dixey will lead a dedicated weekly kettlebell-based class.

[Edit: class is now available for booking]

Crossfit London UK: still offering the best in London kettlebells

Hit the Getting Started button to get booking.

Photo of Sally by DwikoArie

8 thoughts on “Thursday Nights ‘Kettlebell Hell’, with Sally Dixey

  1. I attended the class tonight(18/02/2010), I started the class thinking I was Gene HUNT from life on mars, half way through the class, i begged for mercy, but Sally snarled and shouted, its not supposed to be easy and made me carry on. By the end of the class I was sucking my thumb and crying for my mommy. HOWEVER BRILLIANT CLASS, YOU MUST GIVE IT A GO

  2. i came, i saw, i was totally conquered! great class on thursday, knew i should have picked up the kb’s sooner.

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