WOD 23 Feb: Fight Gone Bad Score

23 Feb

A massive “woo hoo” goes out to super star Warren for banging out a  fantastic 341 fight gone bad score. Well done!

A big congratulations to the 5.30, 6.30 and 7.30 pm teams who rowed, push pressed, sumo deadlift high pulled, box jumped and wall balled for all they were worth.

The 5.30 team hang-out for a post FGB muscle flex

But personal stories of pain and effort were the inspirational tales of the day.

Kieran digs deep
Mike push presses to 279
Yuri scores Amelia

6 thoughts on “WOD 23 Feb: Fight Gone Bad Score

  1. For the record, I scored 210 (up from 199). First time I’ve not totally hated the SDLHP.

    I got to score for Warren, and the guy barely slowed:
    Rounds: 123/111/107

    WB: 84
    SDL: 78
    BJ: 68
    PP: 56
    Row: 55

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