WOD Catch up 9 & 10 Feb: Trusters, Muscle ups, Squats

10 Feb

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry for missing yesterday’s post, but for the next 10 weeks, I’m back at university, and I’m one of the organisers of the Crossfit Games sectional qualifier in Mildenhall, so I’ve  got a bit on my plate.

But, yesterday everyone did me proud, and attacked this insane Thruster work out of

1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1.  well done for some great  PB’s…clap clap .

Tonight was a real woozie of a work out (yes I know there is no such word!)

7 muscle ups/50 squats x 5 ( with muscle up subs of transitions/dips and pull ups.

Well done.

It was inspirational to be joined by Richard from Crossfit Swansea, and we said sorry for the years of welsh oppression, especially the tricks of Edward the 1st.

A question came up. Why the Blackboard Gym?… well, because everyone writes everywhere with chalk!

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