Changes to the schedule over Easter

25 Mar

In case you hadn’t noticed, next weekend is Easter (already).

To mark this occasion, Andrew and I will be taking a small amount of time off to enjoy the finer things of life (like sleep, for example!)

The exact changes to the schedule are as follows:

  • Good Friday (2 April)
    0630 and 1200 classes only (no evening sessions)
  • Splendid Saturday (3 April)
    1100 class only (no 1200 session)
  • Easter Sunday (4 April)
    1000 class only (no Beginners session at 1100)
  • Easter Monday (5 April)
    1200 class only (no morning or evening sessions)
  • Top Notch Tuesday (6 April)
    Back to normal again. Time to work off those Easter eggs

3 thoughts on “Changes to the schedule over Easter

  1. How come when I saw the picture of the bunny I knew Andrew would have to make some comment about killing/eating it?

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