Kettlebell Masterclass 10 April 2010

03 Mar

The Crossfit London Kettlebell Masterclass

with Sally Dixey and Steven Shrago

Saturday 10th April 2 to 5pm, £35

This unique Kettlebell masterclass will get you on top of the current Kettlebell fitness craze. We will teach you the essential skills you need  to both  kettlebell, and the bonus ability to bore your friends at parties with your new knowledge.

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About Us

For over 5 years, Crossfit London has been teaching people just like you how to use Kettlebells.

We have taught  elite athletes, the police, soldiers, leading Personal trainers and recreational fitness centre users how to Swing, Snatch, Windmill and Turkish get up with this unique bit of kit, and now we are going to teach you too.

The unique thing about CrossFit London is that we only allow people to teach, who CAN TEACH i.e. know their stuff and can actually communicate. Our events are always supervised and led by great presenters.

Sally Dixey is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer and “the best female kettlebell instructor in London

Steven Shrago is a Crossfit Level 1 certified trainer and Crossfit Kettlebell Graduate. He’s also a psychologist (see how much better you feel about this now?)

Free gift

Thanks for reading this far and (perhaps) thinking about coming to this event. To say “thank you” we’d like to offer you a free gift*.

The Crossfit London Kettlebell training guide

Just think: if this is what we give away for free, how good is the stuff we make you pay for?!**


Download Free Crossfit London UK Kettlebell Training Guide

*Yes, it’s really free. Download, print it out, share it with friends. Go wild. What? You didn’t believe us?
**Very good indeed. Come down and see!

Creative Commons License
CrossFit London Kettlebell Training Guide by CrossFit London is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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