Olympic weightlifting workshop review

07 Mar

Crossfit London staged another of its phenomenally successful olympic weightlifting (level 2) sessions, today. It was led by Commonwealth goldmedalist Giles Greenwood from the Bethnal Green weightlifting club, and assisted by Andrew Stemler and Foz Rahman.

The unique observation that Crossfit London has made is that it is not always possible to access quality coaching on  a regular basis, and even if you can access a local club, they may not focus on what you need/want to learn. True to its word, this class built on a basic knowledge of the snatch and supercharged it with the ‘double knee bend’, as a taught technique. There is none of the being left in a corner in a “tough” club to prove  yourself for several months; just the opportunity to learn in a formal, focused, and structured environment. Giles et al armed the attendees with easy to learn and easy to practise progressions.

A great three hours was enjoyed by all, with noticeable improvements in all who attended.

Keep your eyes open for the next masterclass (Level 1) in about 2 months time.

The Crossfit London Blackboard gym is rapidly becoming the place to access quality skills coaching through our masterclasses and i-Courses.

The i-Course is an all day session that teaches you how to, squat, Olympic lift (with 3 CPD points if you are a member of  REPs) and kettlebell in the morning, and all the essential on your handskills in the afternoon (ring training, core work, handstand push ups,  L sit, and various hanging-from-a-bar stuff)

Click here for more information, and get your ticket today!

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