The Mind Game [CrossFit Psychology]

27 Mar

I have had a second article published in the CrossFit Journal (whoop!)

This one is titled “The Mind Game” and focuses on developing mental toughness. Specifically, I cover three areas that I feel are of the greatest benefit to Crossfitters and competitive sports people:

  • Positive beliefs—programming your mind to expect success
  • Mental preparation—focusing your mind on the challenge ahead
  • Mental toughness—overcoming fear, pressure and adversity

Have a read, and let me know what you think!

The Mind Game - CrossFit Journal
The Mind Game - CrossFit Journal

2 thoughts on “The Mind Game [CrossFit Psychology]

  1. I just read the article, Steven. I’ve been having a bit of a hard time getting my motivation up for my exam work so I applied your CBT exercises and I already feel so much better! I’m going to do the same for my crossfit tomorrow after a long, hard and rewarding day at the library, ready for a long, hard and rewarding workout on Monday. 😀

  2. Really good article mate. I believe the psychological benefits of a programme like crossfit a huge and are often under discussed.

    I’ve printed a copy for my clients to have a read through.


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