Use a Personal Trainer and get stronger!

04 Mar

There are many reasons why you should consider using a personal trainer, and a few interesting ones can be found in  ” the influence of direct supervision of resistance training on strength performance”, a paper written by  Mazzetti et al. (published in  Medicine and science in sports and exercise, 2000).This paper evaluated the hypothesis that , in highly motivated, moderately trained men, direct supervision of training sessins is important for maximal strength performance adaptations.

Surprise surprise, they discovered that  in the supervised group, the magnitude and rate of training load increases were better.

However, its not clear if the results are due to “motivation” or to spotting. I know I will try a heavier weight only if i can drop it safely or if there is someone spotting.

If you need some personal training and fancy working with London’s 1st ever level 2 Crossfit Trainer, who also has all the normal industry qualifications and is Poliquin and Chek certified, drop Andrew Stemler an email on

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