WOD 20 March: “Randy”

20 Mar

Today’s CrossFit London’s intrepid athletes had a go at the hero workout, Randy.

Much to Twyla’s dismay, this was all about the Snatch! Sorry, Twyla!


  • 75 power snatches at 75lbs (35kg)

We tweaked this slightly today to make it hanging power snatches, rather than snatches from the floor. This allowed us to emphasis the idea of “jumping the barbell through a range of motion”. And jump it we did!

All this was preceded by a little bit ‘o bottom-to-bottom Tabata squats (woo!) and some handstand practise. What better way to start the weekend!

Once again the combination of a bunch of hot and sweaty (harsh, but true) CrossFitters and the already damp gym left the air somewhat humid. As a result, the three photos that I managed to take all have a kind of romantic soft focus…

Stephan gets some 'air' during the snatch
Stephan jumps the barbell through a range of motion

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