WOD 21 March: Rope climb/deadlifts & Beginners

21 Mar

After kicking off with a little bit of handstand practise and a play around with the kettlebell Turkish get-up, we set our sights on today’s WOD:

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

  • 15x barbell deadlifts (loading at 50% of body weight)
  • 1x 13′ rope climb (or 3x our shorter climbs)

Bit of a challenge to the grip this one. More pics on the CrossFit London Flickr page, here.

Helen climbs down again
Helen climbs down again
Mark climbs up the rope
Mark climbs up the rope

Waiting in the wings were our brand new group of beginners. Entirely undaunted by the salty language and rope burns, they tucked into a session full of squats, presses and strained analogies. Well done folks!

Today's CrossFit London beginners

Congratulations to Vincent and Ben, who both graduated to the full classes today!

6 thoughts on “WOD 21 March: Rope climb/deadlifts & Beginners

  1. Is a spiral effect muscle structure on ones calf muscles normal? They certainly don’t look like that now looks like I’ve fallen asleep with my legs in a barbacue! Think you need to get some silk Japanese bondage rope for climbing it doesn’t burn! Allegedley!

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