WOD 22 March: Skills, cleans, dips, and deadlifts

22 Mar

And in an action packed session tonight, we had a range of skills to practise, some heavy deadlifts in need of lifting, and some bars in need of  cleaning and some humans in need of dipping.

What can I say, busy, busy, busy.

After their workout, the women agreed…very busy.

It was very busy tonight.

4 thoughts on “WOD 22 March: Skills, cleans, dips, and deadlifts

  1. hello ladies! it has been so long since i have been to the monday night class.
    I am missing it.
    I have had a mix of sickness, travel and the tedium of domestic issues to deal with, but i am looking forward to coming back next monday. see you soon!

  2. Emily! We miss you too! Glad you’ve got all your stuff sorted so you can come back among us “ladies wot lift”


  3. Thank you Kate.
    I love that…’ladies wot lift’!
    alas, I’m thinking I might not be lifting that much – my little arms have forgotten what hard work is!

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