WOD 28 April: Gymnastics Wednesday

29 Apr

Kate adds to her “in the air, upside down, on her hands” time  as she goes for her handstand forward roll combo into our soft and fluffy (aka safe) mat.

Way to go girl!

Tonight’s session was handstand, forward roll, then combinations (i.e. handstand forward rolls)

The practise WOD was:

  • 2 handstand forward rolls
  • 5 pull ups
  • 10 leg raises
  • 7 lunges ( well, across the room)

AMRAP in 12mins (not designed to drive you to the edge of exhaustion, just to get some practise in)

Some groups practised the L sit while other groups worked on the muscle up and cross progressions.

Sam works on his cross

The 1830 class went for supportive back flip practise with some moving from being lifted through, to others putting a bit of juice in.

See the photos for more insight on the CrossFit London page on Flickr.

WOD 27 April… the PB muddle

28 Apr

There were a lot of PB’s tonight, in amoung the muddle… now let me see if i can get this right…..

The warm up was

  • 3 to 4 sets of 10 reps of  ring dips that escalated in difficulty intermingled with
  • overhead squat and snatch balance practise.

Then it was

  • heavy thrusters and heavy pull ups, in relaxed reps of 5’s followed by
  • max thrusters and max pull ups using Fran weights.

Then it was

  • 4 to 5  front squat singles, and the PB’s flowed. Some great life saving spotting.

Lets see how we get on with the back squats on Friday.


WOD 26 April: “Carlos wept”

26 Apr

Today’s sessions had a different feel to them. We started up with a ‘snatch clinic’; breaking the movement down into its component parts before building it back up in to the full sequence. Lots of emphasis on jumping aggressively to ‘full extension’ with the hips, and catching the bar low.

Some really impressive technique building up now from quite a few folks.

‘Hat tip’ goes to Nadia from the 1830 session, who went from no experience to an impressive snatch over the course of 40mins! I’d like to put it down to OUTSTANDING COACHING, but in reality it was good old fashioned hard work on her part.

Kirsty also moved on very nicely over the course of the session. In doing so she inadvertently created a brand new lift which somehow combined a bicep curl with the deadlift. I haven’t come up with an appropriate name for it yet…

Both Danielle (visiting again from Norfolk), Erika and Kate also showed great form!

Some big lifts from Carlos, John, Warren and Ruairi as well.

Very fine efforts as always from all! ‘Twas a pleasure, to be sure.

Oh yes, then all we had to do was finish today’s WOD…

“Carlos wept”

200 kettlebell swings (24kg/16kg)

For those of you who haven’t yet met our wonderful Texan friend, Carlos (he tends to hang out at the 0630 sessions), all you need to know is that he really, really doesn’t like this WOD. Not even a little bit.

Erika, Cindy and Rosie
Erika, Cindy and Rosie

WOD 25 April: Snatches, box jumps & sit-ups

25 Apr

London Marathon be damned…there’s a WOD to do!

Quick snatch warm-up before a little focus work on the snatch balance.

Then a quick 10 rounds of:

  • 5 Hang power snatches (30kg)
  • 7 Box jumps (24″)
  • 9 Sit-ups
Morgan snatches, while Warren jumps on boxes
Morgan snatches, while Warren jumps on boxes

We were also delighted to welcome Evan from California to the Blackboard Gym this morning. He is every bit the badass the Internet makes him out to be! Evan’s image has taken its rightful place in the ranks of our visiting crossfitters. Will you be next?

To round the morning off, we also has a new crop of CrossFit London Beginners, kicking off their journey this morning. Welcome to Anna, Christian and Neville!

CrossFit London Beginners, Anna, Neville and Christian
CrossFit London Beginners, Anna, Neville and Christian

WOD 23 April: The squat experiment continues…

24 Apr

Tonight’s nastiness continues with a cute order change. Rather than squat when fresh, try it when you are, to put it nicely, shagged!

A weird class of:

  • pull up practise (with that shoulder thing, and squat flexibility thing) followed by
  • snatch practise, followed by
  • an evil 11 minute high intensity  amrap wod of
  • 20 kettlebell swings and 10 box jumps followed by
  • back squat 5,5,3,3,3, with PB’S by Brett, Efe and Kate.

Watch out for next Tuesday’s session that introduces the Westside Barbell Club’s “Box squats”

Andrews special hint of the day, “when doing this wod, don’t use a 40kg kettlebell and the red box…it’s very hard”

WOD 20 April: Tabata Loves You!!!

24 Apr

Kicked off with Press for strength: 3-3-3-1

Tabata Love (and oh how they loved it)

  • Kb Deadlifts
  • Push ups
  • Air Squats

30 second rest between exercises.

2 Rounds for time

  • 400m Run
  • 21 Burpees
  • 400m Run
Mike's on the run!


Not sure Hell Bells had an easier time?????

Snatch and Swing Practice

It’s that Tabata Love thing again!

Followed by –

800m Run – 30 Dips – 30 Swings – 30 Walking Lunges – 30 Burpees – 30 Sit ups – 800m Run

(maybe the variety was more enjoyable!)

Help find us a new home! [A Moving Plea]

22 Apr

As you may have noticed, we are very busy with most classes either packed or reassuringly full. We need to add more classes to the time table, we need more specialist equipment. We need more trainers…in short we need more space!

So this little announcement is for our loyal, patient, forgiving, and lovely members (and to investors, property managers, estate agents and people wondering around London noticing ‘to let’ or ‘for sales’ boards).

We need a new (or possibly a second!) venue.

We are after:

  • A commercial property to let or to buy
  • 2000  to 3000 sq foot, with a suggested rent budget of  £3-4000 pcm.
  • Mainly ground floor (concrete please), but some upper office space/storage could be nice
  • Some outdoor space would be fabulous; It’d be nice to be near a park!
  • Near to a tube station
  • The planning usage is a Class D2 ( or one with a reasonable chance of use change)

At this stage we are quite open to suggestions (Highbury, city fringes, East London)

Crossfit is famous for choosing industrial locations. Ideally factory units serve our purposes, with high ceilings for ropes, pull up bar systems. We are sort of ok with a railway arch, but they are a bit damp…

If you notice any good proprty for let or sale, please drop either Andrew or Steven a line, or post ideas for areas, buildings, agents, contacts in comments below.

WOD 21 April: Adult Gymnastics

21 Apr

Well, in an action-packed gymnastics based evening, we discovered that:

  • Phil can backward roll into a handstand
  • Rosie has enough strength to hold a handstand
  • Efe has loads of spirit (but we sort of already knew that)
  • Kate can kick up to  handstand on her own
  • Stefan cannot read a map upside down
  • Guy is quite near the cross
  • Kieran is tough

So Wednesday evening is, simply, the session that makes heroes.

The 50-minute teaching was finished off by a nasty, highly intense WOD: today’s, the lovely

“Secret Service snatch test” .

Get the heaviest kettlebell you can cope with, and snatch it as many times as you can in 10 minutes.


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